Monday, June 28, 2010

What is your views of the direction of Art now?

I believe art has always been fluid and evolving but now it really seems to take on a spiritual meaning at least for me concerning the arts I do.

As far as stained glass is concerned, seems like all the ducks and rose panels have all been done already.
I realized that when I started to do the panels that seemed to motivate me is when my creativity really advanced. My colors choices changed as well. Kinda like meaning arrived for me where as in all the panels past seemed to be in just making everything I could stained glass with no particular direction.
I am very grateful for all those jobs and panels and when I look back in past photos I can see I really did take a new direction. By the way I post my videos on youtube showing various aspects of stained glass and dichroic glass applications I incorporate into my stained glass creations.
So now I tell people I pretty much stopped with the unicorns and mermaids and moved into a new designing realm.

So how does art look for you in your works and do you see a new Renaissance emerging lately concerning Art in general or maybe even particular in your fields of interest?

Looking forward to hearing back


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